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Many ask about a day in the life website design startup. The days are very busy & a tech startup in Lakeland is even busier than I imagined.

Many people have asked about a day in the life website design startup. These days are usually very busy, and a tech startup in Lakeland is even busier than I imagined.

Here is what it looks like.

Day in the Life Website Design Startup

As you can see by the photo of my calendar, there are a handful of appointments. The light green ones are regular personal appointments. The purple ones are appointments work clients face-to-face.

Now, at first glance, this schedule doesn’t look too bad!

But consider this: driving to two of the appointments (30 minutes round trip each. An hour out of my day!)

Business over the phone is better, but few local businesses are comfortable with it. The high touch businesses win.

Can You Build a Scalable Website Design Business with High Touch

You certainly can…for a time. In the case of Lakeland website design, high touch will win the day. As Richard Branson said, “when you’re small, you can only compete on service.”Β We simply acknowledge that there will be a “break away” moment where we’ll have to taper off such a degree of high touch.

Also consider that these appointments do not include client fulfillment!

Website Design Client Fulfillment Fits Between the Cracks

So, now that Lakeland website design clients have entrusted us with their websites, we now need to deliver.

Marissa, my wife and partner handles most of it. I fit the technical work between the cracks. In the case of my client task work load today, I have about 5 hours of ‘clicking’. This is the time-consuming work such as pointing domains, installing the WordPress site, uploading all of our customizations, tweaking CSS or HTML code, writing posts, and more.

THEN, add to that the billing I have to do today, following up with past-due clients, manage subcontractors, and more.

A Startup, Even a Website Design Startup, Isn’t Pretty

Many people want to start a business. I think MORE people should be starting companies, but I also think that they should have a realistic view of how much work it takes.

Thankfully I have an awesome partner and wife. Thankfully we are voracious readers and learners. Thankfully we have kept our lives simple and low maintenance.