How Do I Get Started?

1. Purchase Spark Sites WordPress Support

Click on the shopping cart to choose your membership and purchase.

2. We Connect With You & Your Team to Gather the Details

Tell us about your awesome business or idea and help us get to know you!

3. We Take Over Your WordPress Website

Once we have gthered everything, our team will get started on tidying up your WordPress website.

4. Send Us Your Edits

Write down any and all edits you want us to make; big or small. We know that you may not always know what you want until you see something. We understand! Send us your edits in a single document, and we will get it going for you!

5. We Implement Your Edits

Once we have completed tidying up everything with your WordPress site, we will train you how to use your website.

6. 1 Credit of Edits Each Month

Request your one (1) credit of support (Content Support or Tech Support) as needed.

7. Enjoy Your WordPress Support!

The Spark Team will make regular security and plugin updates. Content support is available based on your support membership plan.