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Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription FAQ’s

What Does an On-Hold Subscription Mean?

For subscriptions your find with a “Hold” status:

“The subscription remains active, as long as the payment succeeds. If automatic payment fails, it is put on-hold until the customer logs in to make the payment.”

This usually happens when they are a.) using a credit card that has expired (past due dates, cancelled because replaced with the microchip, etc.) or b.) insufficient funds.

Simply reach out to your customer, ask them to log in and update their payment information.

How Can I Get Subscriptions?

You can get subscriptions added to your WooCommerce solution quickly and easily.

We charge a one-time set-up fee of $75 for the install. You will also need to pay for the plugin (a cost that Woocommerce charges) annually. Currently the cost of the plugin is $75/year.

Contact us to get subscriptions added to your site and available to your customers today.

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