We are thrilled to be in partnership with an organization like Gospel Inc. The mission of Gospel Inc. is to tear down the barriers between those who participate in mainstream societal norms, and those who can’t seem to fit in, oftentimes temporarily, sometimes permanently. Gospel Inc. wants to break the “us and them” stigma. They do this by living in the neighborhood and doing outreach in the community on a weekly basis. By doing this, they have also established several opportunities for those with whom they have developed relationships with. Gospel Inc. believes the answer to our problem of marginalizing people is learning to love all people as Christ has unconditionally loved us. And they seek His will as they wrestle with issues of social justice and attempt to identify with people who are broken like all of us and to together move towards Christ as they include people who are outcast into our community.

“Gospel Inc. believes the answer to our problem of marginalizing people is learning to love all people as Christ has unconditionally loved us.”

Gospel Inc. provides several opportunities for people to get involved with their mission: Repurpose Art Studio, Men’s Home, serve days, and Friday nights with the community. Repurpose Art Studio’s mission is to build relationships, trust, and courage in a creative, loving space. Facilitators lead classes in sewing, jewelry-making, painting, and furniture repair and currently have about 8-12 women show up for the classes. This is a unique opportunity to walk with women through some very challenging situations. Men’s Home is a Bible study that happens Monday nights at 7:30 at Catapult Lakeland. The goal is to create an environment where we can grow together with men from the Gospel, Inc. It’s great opportunity for men wanting to pour into the lives of other men in recovery. Serve Days are the best way for your church, company, or organization to get involved. These would typically be scheduled for a Saturday Morning and would entail neighborhood clean-up, property renovations, painting, etc. Lastly come out to one of their Friday night’s with the community! Every Friday night, the Gospel Inc. team walks the streets to curate conversation and encounter new people. This outreach is best for those who are comfortable striking up conversation with new people, which hopefully will eventually lead into a deeper relationship.

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