Meet Jamie Parker! She’s the owner of the business Process + Results Leadership Coaching! Jamie is on a mission to make the world or work more human so that the world becomes a more caring place. So how does she do this? With her 15 years of experience across several different markets such as retail, service and manufacturing, Jamie helps leaders leave a legacy – in their business, for their customers, and in the lives of the people they serve. As a trainer, coach and business partner she helps leaders break the habits of traditional management approaches to create workplaces designed for employee fulfillment.

Jamie is also the author behind chapter 6 in the book Practicing Lean and regularly speaks and leads workshops and numerous Lean conferences throughout the year! Looking for some new tactics on successfully leading your business? Jamie is your girl!

Get to Know Jamie Parker of Process + Results - Spark Sites

“We help organizations uncover and connect the missing link that makes improvement work easier and generates sustainable results:
Lean Leadership Transformation.”

So what exactly do they do over at Process + Results Leadership Coaching for your business? It’s simple: working with Jamie Parker is an ongoing engagement until changes have been made and are a concrete part of your leadership style. This can be done through several different models of lean leadership trainings, more intensive lean leadership coaching or through on-site implementation support.

Whichever way you see fit, Jamie Parker is ready and equipped to help you grow as a leader and in turn help your business grow as well.

Get to Know Jamie Parker of Process + Results - Spark Sites

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