Are you in need of a dock for your lake-front property? Or how about a boathouse or seawall? We know who you should call: Jason Nix! At Spark Sites, we love that we have a wide variety of clients and that Jason Nix is one of those clients. Jason is a great, laid-back guy who is an expert in all things marine construction.

He understands the importance of balancing the harmony of land and water when it comes to marine construction. With this being said, he strives to deliver quality structures that raise the appeal of your home. To ensure the quality and durability of your investment, Jason Nix and his team uses the finest materials for construction, and uses the US Army Corps of Engineers specs as their baseline standard for building.

Meet Jason Nix - Spark My Site - Lakeland, Florida

” It’s your shoreline, your wish list, and your dock. It only makes sense to make it your own.”


Did you know that adding a marine structure to your lake-front home can increase the value of the property? Especially if its one crafted by Jason Nix! These professionals can design the perfect deck or dock to compliment your home, making your vision a reality, while staying within your budget and increasing the value of your home!

With Hurricane Irma having just pass through, many marine structures may have been damaged, including the ones on your property. Let Jason help repair and improve your docks, boathouses and seawalls!

Meet Jason Nix - Spark My Site - Lakeland, Florida

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