Meet Matt Olsen! He is a certified personal training coach and owner of Women’s Performance Center here in Lakeland. Matt’s goal with his gym is to empower women through fitness and strength. His passion is teaching women how to regain their confidence through fitness training in person and online. Through his proven coaching methods, support and accountability, he believes it’s nearly impossible for women to fail in reaching their fitness goals.

Matt started Women’s Performance Center because he was tired of witnessing women being afraid of joining the gym. He wanted to break the stigma that dumbbells are only for men and that strength and conditioning will make you look bulky. He successfully makes women feel comfortable not only with fitness training, but also with their appearance and what they strive to want their bodies to look like.

Meet Matt Olsen - Spark My Site - Lakeland, Florida

“Teaching women how to regain their confidence through fitness training in person and online is not only my gift, but my passion.”


Matt offers a few different ways for women to get the fitness training they want. Through his 6-Week Jump Start Program and 1-on-1 trainings, Matt promises results. Also as a certified coach on ProCoach, Matt offers online nutrition coaching to pair with the physical fitness you may way to practice.

We loved building the website for Women’s Performance Center and we think it’s great someone as talented as Matt wants to use his gifts to help empower women through strength and fitness.

Meet Matt Olsen - Spark My Site - Lakeland, Florida

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