Meet Matthew Antolick, owner of Abound, a relational coaching practice.  Be curious. Think and love deeply. Your relationships will abound. This is his mission statement. Matthew got his start in relational coaching while working as a band leader for Disney’s Epcot! His group at EPCOT was comprised of many different cultures, religions, and artistic perspectives which often sparked off into big conflicts. While most people want to avoid the interpersonal struggles of other people, Matthew enjoyed entering in and helping people resolve them just as much as playing his instrument on stage. He then went on to pursue a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Covenant Theological Seminary in Saint Louis, MO. From there Matthew moved back to Lakeland, FL, where he decided to establish Abound.

Meet Matthew Antolick - Member Spotlight - Spark My Site

“Be curious. Think and love deeply. Your relationships will abound..”

Abound provides coaching, meditation, and consultation services, specifically in the context of relational well being. Matthew offers a unique blend of counseling approaches, applied philosophy, creative communication, coaching and consultation. He is determined in helping your relationship flourish so that you may love and understand yourself and others deeply.

Matthew joined the Spark Sites community in November of last year, and  we have enjoyed working with him! If you’d like to get to know Matthew a little more and would like more information about his services, stop by his site,