We are proud to be in affiliation with an organization as awesome as The Red Tent Initiative! They are a network of survivors for survivors working to an end abuse and exploitation, particularly in the forms of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. The goal of The Red Tent Initiative is to empower survivors to speak out by amplifying their voices. Some of the ways they encourage survivors to amplify their voices is to collaborate with local artists and supporters.

“The Red Tent Initiative encourages and empowers victims to become Survivors and Survivors to become leaders.”

The founder of The Red Tent Initiative is Alison Foley-Rothrock. She is an attorney and human rights activist on many fronts. As a survivor, she felt called to use her experience to lift others up and to remind victims in any way possible that they are not alone. She wanted to tell other survivors far too many have walked in their shoes before them and have made it through and that many others are facing the same struggle on any given day. With that calling in mind, she founded The Red Tent Initiative.

Red Tent Initiative | Lakeland, FL | Helping victims become survivors, and survivors become leaders

Together Alison and The Red Tent Initiative are working to push against the shame and stigma that weighs survivors down, and inspiring survivors to use their “loud voices”. In this way,The Red Tent Initiative encourages and empowers victims to become Survivors and Survivors to become leaders.

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