Meet Jessica Zivkovich and Tiffany Thenor, the founders and owners of WonderHere! The girls came up with the idea of starting WonderHere after an everyday conversation on the couch with other fellow educators. The conversation consisted of the struggles of teaching today and being confined within a set of rules that went against the philosophies they believed. They desired an educational atmosphere where the child was the focus and the child’s interests and curiosities drove the topics and pace of the class. Thus WonderHere was created!

Located right in the heart of Downtown Lakeland, daily Jessica and Tiffany and their team strive to cultivate a love of learning within the children who are enrolled. They have a desire to holistically develop children who are curious, empathetic, community-minded, problem solvers and creative leaders.

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“We exist to cultivate a love of learning with in the child.”

Both Jessica and Tiffany are graduates of Southeastern University and have a combined 14-years experience of teaching. Jessica holds a degree in Exceptional Student Education. She holds endorsements in ESOL and reading instruction and will graduate with her Master’s degree in Reading Education in December. Tiffany holds a degree in Elementary Education. She holds an Elementary Education K-6 teaching certification with ESOL and Gifted Instructor endorsements. Both ladies love getting together to dream of ways to make WonderHere the best learning environment possible for kids and families.

Not only do you have the opportunity to enroll your child at WonderHere, but you also have the option to give back. Any donations made to WonderHere will always go towards things like technology for the students, innovative learning resources, and more! Consider placing a donation to grow the enrichment opportunities at WonderHere.

If you’re interested in learning more about WonderHere or would like to enroll your child in classes, contact Jessica and Tiffany!

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