Messaging and Brand Session

$1,298.95 $750.00

The following is the description of the, messaging strategy and its deliverables: 1.5 hour Strategy Session, Messaging Architecture Graphic – Why, How, What, Brand Guide Outline, Style Guide, Terminology Glossary – Phrases To Use


The following is the description of the content strategy and its deliverables.

  • Half-day Strategy Session
  • Deliverable: A Messaging Architecture Graphic – Why, How, What
  • Deliverable: A Messaging Brand Guide Outline
  • Deliverable: A Terminology Glossary – Phrases To Use

Messaging Session
We will meet to review any material about your business, branding items, brochures, and web properties. We will take time to also extract from your vision what your messaging should be.

Our team will then take at minimum a week to review the resulting material from that meeting to compile the 4 (four) deliverables. We will research the top terms searched against what we extracted in our session. We will then deliver a training video to instruct you how to use the four documents you receive from us.