When to Post on Facebook: Depends on Your Stats

Friends, Kat Kruse and Jessica Kruse from Kat Kruse Hair in Vero Beach just asked a killer question: WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO POST ON FACEBOOK?

ANSWER: For each of you it is different (see my exception at the bottom.)

Best Facebook Posting Times - Web Design Lakeland - Website Support Lakeland - Spark My Site

Here is how you find your states. Stats from Dory Joseph Realty and Homes for Heroes. Click to view large version.

Check out your Facebook page. Go to: Facebook > Your Business Page > Insights (upper-left-hand side of the page when you are logged in) > Posts (left-hand side of the page) > When Your Fans Are Online (menu across the top).

If there is little or no information there, then it is because your Facebook page does not have enough traffic. **If there is not that much traffic, this is a good reason to start writing/creating solid content!! (Hear, adding to your blog on your website!)**

EXCEPTION: The Traffic Whale

The general exception is this: The Traffic Whale. The Traffic Whale is this; look at the graphic again; it looks a little bit like a whale surfacing.

Best Facebook Posting Times - Web Design Lakeland - Website Support Lakeland - Spark My Site

Stats from Quinn for Congress. Click the image for larger version.

Though the finer details change for everyone as to when their peak times are, the Traffic Whale generally rises for everyone about mid to late afternoon and maintains until around 11 or midnight…generally speaking.

So, when should you post? If you have a specific post that you wrote on your website about, say for example a new cutting technique for bangs (in Kat’s case), then I would recommend posting on Facebook about it at 8:30 am, AND THEN, worded differently, at your evening peak hours.

BONUS TIP: Check out www.BufferApp.com and their ‘Add to Queue’ automatic scheduler. Do this now!