Ever wonder where the Spark Team gets their daily grind on? Our “Spark Lair” is down in the basement of the Bank of America building! The basement? It’s way cooler than it sounds, because down in the basement of the Bank of America building is Catapult Lakeland! This space is one of the most awesome spaces in town. Never heard of Catapult? Let us tell you more! You’ll be wanting to get your hands on a membership when you get to the end of this post.

What’s Catapult Lakeland?

Catapult Lakeland is a one-of-a-kind coworking space dedicated to launching Lakeland’s entrepreneurs. They have a tiered membership system in order to offer memberships to fit different entrepreneur’s needs. They have a basic coworking membership, dedicated desks, semi private offices and even a commissary kitchen. Basically, if you’re an entrepreneur and you are looking for a space to come and work out of that’s not your house or Starbucks, Catapult is perfect for you!

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How is Catapult Beneficial for Me?

How is Catapult not beneficial for entrepreneurs?! Not only does this space offer a great spot for you to come and work out of but also several resources you’re able to get your hands on. Catapult has two different conference rooms available to members. It’s no extra cost to use the conference room, with your membership you get 5 hours of free conference room space a month. For Sparks, we love having the opportunity to book out of the conference rooms for client meetings! Along with the conference rooms you also have access to lightning fast wifi, free printing and all the snacks and Patriot Coffee (one of our clients!) you can dream of.

Perhaps one of the best benefits Catapult has to offer is the community of people down here. Although we all have our own separate businesses, we are all coworkers down in Catapult! It’s awesome being able to form relationships with all kinds of people /  small business owners. The best part is when we’re able to collaborate on projects or glean off of one another’s wisdom. It’s the best wellspring for small business community our city has to offer!

Spark Sites Headquarters: Catapult Lakeland - Spark My Site

Does Catapult Offer Any Programs?

Yes! On top of the general coworking space and amazing community, Catapult offers a range of programs you can plug into. At Catapult there are two great courses you can enroll in: Bootcamp and Intro to Entrepreneurship. Bootcamp is perfect for those who already know what they want to do but need to dedicate time to building out the infrastructure of their business. This two day program will help whip your business into shape. Not sure exactly what you want to do for your small business? Then sign up for Intro to Entrepreneurship! This course helps you start something great by equipping you with the knowledge needed to start a small business.

Outside of courses, Catapult almost weekly has fantastic workshops to attend during your lunch break. Fuel up your stomach on a great lunch and fuel up your mind with specific interesting topics than can help refine your business.

Lastly, Catapult provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity through Launch Micro-Grants. Launch is a community based effort led and funded by local financial institutions that was created to help Lakeland entrepreneurs take their business concept to the next level. Launch provides micro-grants up to $10,000 to entrepreneurs who meet the requirements. As they put it: it’s like Shark Tank, but with happy people.

Join Us At Catapult!

Need to get away from your house or want something more official than coffee shop? Get a membership at Catapult Lakeland for an awesome coworking space, fruitful community and educational programs. Plus we’re down here, what more do you need? We love sharing a coworking space with our clients and friends! Launch your small business with Catapult Lakeland!

Photographs courtesy of John Kazakalis