Hello Spark Citizens! My name is Jenna Adams and I’m the Production Assistant for Spark Sites! One year ago I was sitting across from Grant and Marissa at table in Saigon Bistro when they extended their invitation for me to join the Sparks Team. It has been one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had in my life. What do I bring to the team? With the guidance of Marissa I design and build your sites! Grant and Marissa both have been training me to see websites with a designers eye from sketch to a published site to understand the “tools” needed to build the best possible website. Outside of website design I also assist in content support and most Phase 2 productions. Also along with Drea, I write blog posts for Sparks Sites and sometimes for our clients. I love being a part of the Sparks Team and serving you!




Production Assistant, Spark {Sites}


Where did you grow up?

I actually grew up right here in Lakeland, FL! I hail from the southside where I spent most of my time in Lakeland pre-college. I went to elementary school, middle school and high school right here on the southside.

Favorite place to vacation?

My grandparents have a cute little condo up in Sky Valley, GA so I would have to say there! Sky Valley is right down the road from Highlands, NC and I love exploring that area. My family and I have seen almost all there is to see in the area and it’s beautiful. However, I’m getting married in March and my fiancé and I are planning on going to The Big Island of Hawaii for our honeymoon, so I may have a new favorite after that!

Most Embarrassing Moment?

Oh jeez, there are many to pull from forsure. This pretty creepy but when I was in high school a few of my good friends were freshmen in college. Me and my friend thought one of their friends were really cute. After doing a little minor Facebook stalking we found his Skype name. Once we found it, through the brave confidence that only comes when you’re at a sleepover party, we covered our faces and wore hats and Skyped him. To our amazement he answered the Skype call from complete strangers and we proceeded to make complete and creepy fools out of ourselves. Later on my friends who when to school with him told him it was us. Two years later I enrolled at the same University and spent two years avoiding him at all cost. That is until we were both invited to the same birthday dinner and ended up sitting across from one another. Thankfully he wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box and didn’t remember who I was. Made it out of that one alive!

What is Your Favorite Book and Why?

Harry Potter all the way. I’m an avid fan of the franchise. If I had to get specific I’d either have to say The Prisoner of Azkaban or The Half-Blood Prince. I love so many characters in Harry Potter and I think JK Rowling is a genius and one of the most creative people out there for bringing this whole world to life through her words. I love that even though this story takes place in a world of magic, the wizardry is all merely a fun backdrop to a story that is truly about love always winning against evil.

If You Were a Kitchen Utensil, What Would You Be and Why?

I’d say a potato peeler. Like a potato peeler, I like to peel back layers and learn things about others and things.

What is Your Dream?

To see the world. It sounds so cliché but there are so many places I want to go and see with my own eyes. Outside of Spark Sites I also own my own photography business. My love for photography also coincides with this dream. When I see beautiful things all I want to do is take photos of it and I feel restless until it’s captured. I want to go and see all the beautiful places in the world and take pictures of them.

What is One Personal Goal You Want to Accomplish in the Next Year?

I would love to have my photography publish on a well-known website or publication. I think that is one of many next steps in moving forward my personal photography career. Plus, it would be so dang cool!

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