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Are you passionate about what you do? Are you so passionate that your bursting at the seams with knowledge that your itching to share with others? Now you can! You can add and sell courses right onto your website! If you’re really good at what you do then chances are other people are interested in learning your craft as well. This allows you to become more connected with your customers and provides more opportunities to grow your business’ revenue through selling your courses. There are three awesome plugins you can access to build courses through, once you know about them you can get to teaching!

3 Ways to Add and Sell Courses on Your Website - Spark My Site

Keeping in the world of WordPress is LearnPress an easy to use learning management system (LMS) you can easily get your hands on. LearnPress will be quick to adapt to because it’s set up very similarly to the way you would make a new page or post on WordPress. Through this new post type, you will be able to construct courses by easily setting up lessons and quizzes. If you are only needing to set up a simple course then this plugin is perfect for you because it’s FREE to use. You can communicate with students and begin educating them on your craft without having to take a penny out of pocket. Need more than the standard features that LearnPress has to offer? No worries! This LMS plugin has several add-on premium features you can purchase for a reasonable price. If you like all  the premium features then you can upgrade to LearnPress Pro for only $250. Want to try out creating a course for free? Then download LearnPress! Want more information on how LearnPress works? You can watch a tutorial video here!

3 Ways to Add and Sell Courses on Your Website - Spark My Site

Sensei by Woocommerce is similar to LearnPress in the way that it is organized however being developed by Woocommerce it is incredibly easy to charge your students for each course they would like to take. Sensei integrates seamlessly with Woocommerce and WordPress allowing you to easily reach your students all while making a couple extra bucks. All you have to do is set up a product and link it to a course and boom, it’s done! Perhaps one of the best features about Sensei is it’s question bank. The question bank allows you to draw from any previous questions you have created and use them across multiple quizzes. That way you can save time making quizzes and get to challenging your students! The price of this excellent plugin starts at $129 and is worth every penny. Need more features the standard Sensei doesn’t offer? There are a ton of add-on features you are able to access like Sensei Content Drip, Sensei Certificates, Media Attachements, Course Progress and more! If your ready to let students “bow to their sensei” (you!) then purchase Sensei!

3 Ways to Add and Sell Courses on Your Website - Spark My Site

Last and certainly not least is Lifter. This is hands down one of the most robust LMS out there for you to use. Lifter gives you complete control on your courses allowing you to engage your students and create courses they will actually want to complete. With Lifter you can build courses and quizzes, grade your students and award them with achievement badges, and track how they are doing on all your courses. Also, there is no need for any 3rd party ecommerce systems. You can earn payment on your courses directly through Lifter. If you prefer to have students pay you through PayPal or Stripe or other ecommerce systems there are add-ons available for those features as well! Lifter offers several of their add-on features through their Universe Bundle and Infinity Bundle. The Universe Bundle is priced at $299 with few limitations and the Infinity Bundle is currently $699 with zero limitations at all. Sky is the limit with the Infinity Bundle. Learn more about Lifter LMS and get building courses!

Add and Sell Courses on YOUR Website

Lifter is perhaps the best option out of the three if you are serious about wanting to add and sell courses on your website. Lifter may offer the most features and control, but both Sensei and LearnPress are great options if you are wanting to teach your craft on your website. The world wants to know what you do, they are just waiting for you to teach them. Download any of these plugins and get to creating your courses today!