With Thanksgiving being right around the corner, now is the perfect time to let your customers know how much you appreciate them. You could be the best person in your field at what you do, but without your loyal customers can you really consider your business to be successful? Your faithful clients are a large part of what makes you great and letting them know that is always a considerate and great idea. There a number of ways you can show gratitude to your customers, but here are 5 ways we think say a lot!

5 Ways to Show Your Business Can Show Gratitude - Spark My Site

Go Old School… Write a Thank You Note!

Nothing says thoughtful quite like a handwritten note. It seems simple and like it could not be enough but if there’s anything directly associated with handwritten letters its time. With the technology available today, it’s super fast and easy to get across how you feel about someone. Sure you could send a mass email with the same design and message to all your clients, but that makes saying “thanks” seem more like an obligation rather than a true feeling. Sending snail mail takes time and effort. To pen a personalized message, pay for postage and take it to the post office shows you truly care. Whether it’s something your client hangs on their refrigerator or throws in the garbage can, they will still be impressed and touched by the time you dedicated to say thank you.

Offer a Great Discount

People love a good deal and they feel a little spoiled when they are offered a discount. There’s something about not having to pay full price on a valuable product or service that can make a customer feel like they are treasured. It’s secretly a win for you too! Despite the fact that your product or service isn’t full price customers are way more likely to purchase and tell all their friends. You can make your customer feel valued while getting more customers yourself. Plus, the day after Thanksgiving is the day of amazing discounts: Black Friday!

5 Ways to Show Your Business Can Show Gratitude - Spark My Site

Send Out a Gift or Giveaway

If you have a smaller client base sending them a personal gift is always a nice touch to say thank you. It could be something as simple as a gift card to a local restaurant, a box of chocolates or homemade cookies or even something more tangible like a wine glass with something inscribed on it. Thanksgiving is the beginning of the holiday season and your clients will certain feel special receiving a personal gift from you. You could also offer a free giveaway of any of your products and services. You could either have your clients enter into a holiday raffle or offer an item for free with the purchase of any other item. Either way, people love free stuff!

Return the Patronage

If any of your customers are a fellow business owner, then return the patronage! This is one of the easiest ways to show gratitude to your customers. Having a business they support turn around and support them back will make them feel like you really care about what they do outside of buying your product. It also provides a way to get to know your customers better! People appreciate a business owner who is personable and easy to get to know.

5 Ways to Show Your Business Can Show Gratitude - Spark My Site

Throw an EPIC Appreciation Party

There’s a party on the calendar and guests of honor are YOUR CLIENTS. Throwing a party is an epic and fun way to say thanks. It combines almost all the other ways to show gratitude. You’re taking the time to plan a party, you’re spending the money on food and entertainment on your client’s behave, you can offer sweet party favors your clients can take home AND if you client sells a product or service you can use for your party, you can provide them with business! What a win for your client! Also, throwing an appreciation party creates a way to create community within your client base. Your customer’s will have a chance to meet one another and form relationships taking you from being just a business to a local community.

Don’t Forget to Show Your Gratitude!

We know the holiday season is busy as you try to balance spending time with loved ones while preparing to close out the year for your business, but taking the time to say thanks will go a long way. It shows you care and that you’re a classy business owner. On top of that, it’s a great way to maintain loyal clients for the years to come.