Instagram is an awesome source of social media. We the people, we enjoy experiencing things and seeing things. Instagram is as successful as it is because it allows users to do just that… literally see what’s going on with someone you follow through photos and videos they post. Well now you can take it a step further, did you know you can put your Instagram feed on your website? There are many places that you can put your Instagram feed here are some of our favorites:

  • On Top of Your Footer
    Putting your Instagram feed on top of your footer gives your page a nice and visual break from your content to your footer. Like the last sweet note when you’re drinking a chocolate milkshake. You’ve told your page viewers about who you are and what your business does through out your content, your Instagram feed at the bottom gives them a chance to see those things too!
  • In Your Sidebar
    Blogs can get a little text heavy and you rely on your sidebar to be the “anchor” for your blog page. Adding your Instagram feed to your sidebar helps relieve the eyes from text. Also, this is ideal for bloggers who are blogging about daily happenings. If your Instagram is also daily updated then having your feed in the sidebar will pair nicely with your daily text.
  • On a Gallery Page
    Let your Instagram feed speak for itself! Making your feed a gallery on its own page is ideal for those who are constantly showing off their work through their Instagram account. This saves you the headache of constantly having to take photos and upload them to your site.

So those are some good ideas, but you can’t begin to implement those ideas without knowing how. There are three different plugins we like to use on our sites to get our client’s feeds on their website.

WP Instagram Widget Display Your Instagram Feed on Your Website - Spark Sites

This widget developed by Scott Evans has 4 out of 5 stars with 100,000+ active installs. It’s description describes it as a “no fuss WordPress widget to showcase your latest Instagram pics.” It requires very little in order to set up and is fairly customizable.

Try out WP Instagram Widget!

Simple Instagram Feed Display Your Instagram Feed on Your Website - Spark Sites

This widget developed by Base29 has 4.5 out of 5 stars and 900 active installs. It’s description describes it as “a simple and easy to use plugin to display your Instagram feed in your WordPress blog and website. The plugin complies with the latest instagram API trends.” It’s simple to use and mobile friendly with it’s short code and widget displays. The code is manmade though, so if there are bugs you have to report them to their support forum.

Try out Simple Instagram Feed!

Instagram Feed Display Your Instagram Feed on Your Website - Spark Sites

In our opinion we’ve saved the best for last. This widget developed by Smash Balloon has 300,000+ active installs and 5 out 5 stars! It’s super simple to set up, completely customizable with several options for container widths and sizes. By using a produced short code you can display your Instagram Feed just about anywhere on your site. It’s the widget we use to show case our Instagram on our own site.

Try out Instagram Feed!

Take your website to the next level by adding your Instagram feed. It will add the small “personal touch” that will engage users and keep them curious about your business.

(Photos courtesy of WordPress)