You may be asking, what’s my business’ most valuable asset? Is it my computer? My accountant? Whatever programs I use to work? It’s actually none of these things. Your business’ most valuable asset is YOU. Chances are there is no business without you the business owner. Because you are the most valuable asset to your business it’s important to keep the P/PC Balance in mind for ultimate success.

What is the P/PC Balance?

This term, coined by Stephen Covey author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, is the balance between production (P) and production capability (PC). For example think about a bicycle. It takes small amounts of time and money to keep air in the tires and the chains from rusting in order to maintain the PC so that the P (riding your bike, getting from point A to B) runs smoothly. If you leave your bike out in the rain, don’t buy rust remover and never put air in the tires then eventually you find yourself with a nearly worthless, piece of trash bike (to put it lightly).

The same concept applies to you as the business owner. If you are plugging away, crunching in the hours and pulling all nighters without taking the time to take care of yourself, then you can expect to see smaller returns for your business. It’s a strange concept and most people think the more you work the more you get in return. However if a building catches on fire it’s not a building anymore, if the business owner burns out, what is left of the business?

Different ways take care yourself as the most valuable asset

How to Take Care of Your Business' Most Valuable Asset - Spark My Site

1. Take a class or sign up at your local gym

Step away from the computer and step up to the treadmill. It’s no surprise that exercising is a great way to take care of yourself. Exercising boosts your energy and overall alertness. That means, after your morning cup of joe you’re more likely to be ready to tackle the day and less likely to get sluggish halfway through. Exercising also improves your mental health. When you exercise you are likely to curb feelings of anxiety and depression. Exercising causes your brain to produce serotonin which is a neurotransmitter that stimulates your mood and emotion, which means you’re more likely to be in a good mood. Also, exercising helps with illness preventions which means less sick days and more productivity. If you don’t trust yourself to actually lift some weights or run around the lake, then join a class at your local gym. The accountability from others in your class and an instructor to keep pushing you through the hard parts will ensure a better workout and in return a more productive business.

How to Take Care of Your Business' Most Valuable Asset - Spark My Site

2. Get your nose in a book

There seems to be a direct correlation between the older you get and the less you read for fun, but there are so many benefits to reading! Ask yourself: was the last time I read for fun when I was in elementary school during a read-a-thon? If so it may be time for you to take a break from working and start flipping through the pages of a fiction novel. Reading can help broaden your creativity and imagination. You can grow you mind with books on philosophy, business and leadership, or grow your spirit with books on your particular faith journey. Don’t listen to what everyone else is saying, the cool kids taking a break from crunching numbers and reading a book.

How to Take Care of Your Business' Most Valuable Asset - Spark My Site

3. Meditation

I think we often think of meditation as sitting criss-cross-apple-sauce on the floor closing our eyes and reciting “om…” for hours. While you could still do that, meditation doesn’t always have to look just like that. It could be taking a 30 minute break from working to focus on your breathing, or taking a yoga class. Anything you can do to take a break from vigorously working to clear your mind is meditation. The main benefit to meditation is freeing your mind from the stress and weight of work. If we don’t allow time daily for us to flush our minds of all our business tasks then we will go crazy. Meditation allows that time for our bodies to relax and our brains to feel free. If we can help our mind be more clear, the more work we will be able to accomplish in the long run.

How to Take Care of Your Business' Most Valuable Asset - Spark My Site

4. Take a hike

This one of our favorite ways to take care of ourselves. There is nothing quite like taking a walk through nature with nothing but fresh air flowing through your lungs. It’s as refreshing as it sounds. If we are constantly subjecting ourselves to environments filled with screens and fluorescent lighting then we are more likely to become depressed and unproductive. Taking time to get outside to experience nature is not only relaxing but freeing to the mind too. When you’re hiking, don’t think about the taxes you have to file, the meetings that are coming up or the deadlines that are approaching. Take in what’s around you and clear your mind.

How to Take Care of Your Business' Most Valuable Asset - Spark My Site

5. Get out of town

Getting out of the norm and going somewhere less familiar or new is healthy for one’s mind, body and soul. Traveling to new places nationally or internationally can expand your creativity. Different sparks ignite within your brain when you experience new cultures, smells, tastes, sights and so on. You can exercise your brain in more ways than just crunching the daily grind by experiencing all these new things.  So go somewhere! Leave town for a little while and travel to somewhere you haven’t been before. Not only will it be exciting and relaxing, but it will boost your creativity and productivity too.

Find the precious time

We know, time is of the essence. But how practically are you spending your time working if you’re constantly hitting walls and aren’t able to produce the quality that you want to? The free time is out there to take whether it’s one hour a few times a week, one day a week, or one weekend every month. Carve out the time to stop… take a break… and take care of yourself. Make sure you’re finding your P/PC Balance because YOU are your business’ most valuable asset. Also, if you haven’t picked up a copy of Stephen Covey’s book, we high suggest it. You can order your copy of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People on Amazon today!