Where to get Free Stock Photos

You don’t need an Oprah giveaway to find free stock photos.

Free Stock Images are Available to All

So Use ‘Em!

If we have made your website, you know this train of conversation: ‘Why doesn’t my website look as good as my competitor’s website, you know, the one I sent you?’ Then we say, everyone say it together now, ‘Because you didn’t give us quality photos like your competitor has!’ The good news is this: Free Stock Images are now available to all of you.

Why Free Stock Images?

You see, the copyright wars are happening right now. With 2 of our clients we have had to fight copyright trolls. They try to extort high amounts of money ($700+ per photo) of any image that they claim is theirs which you, as they claim, have used without permission.

Don’t yield to them if you get a scary letter in the mail. (Contact us before you go stroking any checks!) The courts have not come back definitively on how stringent to be when it comes to pulling images off the web. (Could they not have locked their images with plugins that prevent downloads? Yes. Then why didn’t they??)

One way this is being fought is with TONS of Free Stock Image websites.

No Excuses: Get Us Great Images and Your Website Will Look EVEN Better

So, with the list of free stock image sites below, you have no excuse. Go through the sites. Find images you think fit your business. Email us the images and the pages where you want them placed. And, based on your membership level for Content Support, our team should have it up in 48 – 72 hours! Now, without further ado, here are Free Stock Images for your Spark { SITE }

The Stocks

Free Stock Images - The Stocks - Lakeland Web Design - Website Support - Website DesignHigh quality free photos in one place and they are gorgeous! They hunt for best free images from many online sources and pull them all together in one spot. Most of their photos are CC0 license (do whatever you want). Additionally they offer all Creative Commons and Public Domain photos from sources like Flickr and make it possible to embed them directly from our website.

Death to the Stock Photo

Free Stock Images - Death to Stock Photography - Lakeland Web Design

Floating in the ocean; it almost makes me want to get my toes wet.

Their story probably speaks for itself in how adventuresome it is. They are, in short, awesome:

About 2 years ago we noticed a less-than-awesome industry pattern: too many extraordinary brands, bloggers, and creatives struggled to find images that fit their vibe + tribe. Turns out, the solution lay on our laptops. We had files upon files of our own photos gathering dust. We figured: why not spread ‘em around? So we started sending image packs directly to friends, writers, artists, freelancers, and businesses via email. The goal? To help more brands create rich digital experiences that elevated their visual aesthetic… without shelling out wads of cash, or their sanity. And the response. was. massive.


Free Stock Images - Gratisography - Lakeland Web Design

Skilled photographer Ryan McGuire adds new images every week to this royalty free goldmine, including beautifully composed urban landscapes and textures, funny portraits, object close-ups and quirky backgrounds.

Get Searching Now!

Pick through these sites and more, worry-free that the royalty-gremlins will get you. Therefore your website can the same as or more stunning than as your competitors. Look over these sites and let us know which ones you want added to your website!