Team Spark { SITES } Owners!

First, as usual, I want to thank you all for coming along with Marissa and I as we build Spark { SITES } to revolutionize web presence for entrepreneurs.

Some of you have been with us for over a year now! We have driven down the cost of purchasing a website (FREE) and made web design edits affordable to the average small business person! (That’s what your membership pays for!)

We have a LONG way to go for response times for your requests. We have a long way to go to bring you truly cutting edge technologies for advancing your business and, let’s face it, make more money with your small business.

Our mission has been, and continues to be:


How we do that with the Spark { SITES } project is by 1.) giving you a professional web presence for free, and 2.) offering business intelligence and services at an affordable rate (more on this part to come.)

Second, there are huge SEO updates in your back office.

Over the next few days, the plugin we equip you with for SEO will be updating for each of you. Once the update is complete, there are pretty rad things you should take note of.

This article explains all the good stuff! For you bloggers/posters/writers in the group (should be most of you! 😉 ), read the entire article.

Quick Summary of the Biggest Changes:

  1. Keyword Structure has been given its own, separate tab from Content Analysis, and
  2. KILLER new content analysis feature, focusing on great grammar, like transition phrases.

Third, Private Invites to Start My Blog

Tomorrow we will be hosting a few of you for the Start My Blog class. Instead of a mass invite (as we did last time), we wanted to focus on smaller groups.

Last time, there were too many skill-levels in the group. I also focused way too much on SEO. The feedback was clear: help us just get started with creating and publishing a blog post.

We hear you!

So, from now on, the Start My Blog course will be for those new clients who just had their site finished.

(If you want a refresher for yourself, let us know that, too!)

Fourth, our Quarterly Meeting is Coming Up

We plan on having a Quarterly Meeting!! On Wednesday June 29th we will have 2 sessions available for customers and investors to get the update on what is going on with Spark { SITES } and the direction of the company. (We also hope to have a super secret announcement for you, too.)

The morning session will be from 9 am – 11 am at Catapult Lakeland. (Parking Map Here) (RSVP through our Facebook group.)

The evening session will be from 6 pm – 8 pm at Catapult Lakeland. (Parking Map Here) (RSVP through our Facebook group.)

Those who cannot travel for the quarterly meeting will, of course, get the recap sent directly to them.

Thank you so much, Spark Citizens!

We look forward to seeing you then!

Most Gratefully and Sincerely, Grant and Marissa Nieddu.