April 2017 Lesson: Improve Your Search Ranking & SEO Performance
What is the top 1 thing YOU can do to improve search ranking and improve SEO for your business website?

(Link to Video: 6 min.)
We’ve recently featured a powerful step (getting on Google Search Console) but we found that to be a little too technical. We wanted to bring you a very simple, powerful trick to improve search ranking that you could do with absolutely NO technical knowledge.

Along with that, we met with the Ledger and their marketing group, Propel Media, who brought in Google to help Lakeland Business Owners by discussing the same topic. They shared this tip, but did not tell you HOW to accomplish it.

This video for the Spark Sites owners’ training is not only WHAT the top thing you can do to improve search ranking, but it is also HOW to do it in 7 very simple steps.

To help you take the next level, we also included a bonus list of things you can do to get the most out of it.

Top Thing You Can Do To Improve Search Ranking - Spark My Site