Why have a website at all?

“Why have a website at all?” This question is often asked by someone who is interviewing our team for a potential website design build for them. Many people think it is enough to use their Facebook page. And, for some, that may work. For a while.

But for serious clients trying to make a serious push forward to dominate their industry, there are several key things they can use their website for, other than just the normal “online brochure.”

The answer to why have a website can be as simple as: “Recruiting”.

Why Have a Website: Recruiting!

Recently we were in a meeting with a client. They are an 8-figure steel company in town. Not many people who aren’t in the industry have heard of them.

(They do the high-profile stuff you don’t think about. Ever wonder who builds the steel structure to Harry Potter world? Yeah, these guys do that.)

As we talked about their design, they made this powerful statement that shook me:

“We don’t need the website to be designed for our customers. They don’t buy $10 million dollars worth of steel design and fabrication based on our website.

“We need our website to recruit millennials.”

You see, in the trades, there is a major lack of young blood. You can read more about the major lack of young, skilled laborers here, and how they can make a ton of money if they would just learn a craft.

You see, as our enterprise client was sharing with us, your website does not necessarily have to be used for your primary client. When we meet with a client, we try to get to the bottom of their goals.

One major goal that a small business website should have right now is recruiting the right kind of talent.

How to Use Your Website to Recruit

Once you have decided that you want to use your website to help you recruit for a period of time, then the creative work begins.

You must consider your potential recruits as a “target audience” of their own. What is their age? What design styles appeal to them? What do you want them to feel about your business as they visit your ‘Careers’ or ‘Employment’ page? In fact, do you want them to think about working with you as just ‘Employment’, or do you want them envisioning ‘Careers’.

Your website design can cause these things to happen based on the thoughtfulness you put into your website design.

Choose colors that appeal to their age bracket and gender.
Add language throughout the page that causes them to think about your business in the way you want them to think about it.
Add images that set the tone further.

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What is Content Marketing? Learn more here.

Content Marketing Strategy for Recruiting With Your Website

Once you have decided on how you will update the look and feel of your website design to appeal to your potential recruits, you will then want to offer interesting content (hear “posts” or “video”) to them.

You could write a series of posts about “The Benefits of Working With Us”. You could do testimonials with people who fit your target demographic answering “Why I Love Working at [Your Business]” in the design style they are keep their interest. (In the case of millennials or younger, making videos in the feel of SnapChat or Instagram help significantly.)

Master plan this content marketing plan at least 2 – 3 months prior to when you need to be filtering your candidates. That should give you enough time to plan out the content, create your videos, write your content, and schedule it out.

Then, once the posts or videos publish on their scheduled days, be sure to share the posts on social networks where your potential candidates are spending their time! (Just because you spend all your time on LinkedIn does not mean that your potential candidates do!)

ABH – Always Be Hiring

When should you start hiring? 3 months ago! When is the next best time to begin hiring? Right now! Using your Facebook page may be enough for your small business. At first.

But if you are trying to hire top-notch candidates, filter out less-than-ideal clients, and set the tone for your business, then having a website design that appeals to your potential candidates.

Of course, this assumes that you have a website design platform that is easy to edit, or it assumes that you have access to affordable website developers who can implement website design changes such as these. (Which, of course, is where we come in!)

Good luck with your hiring! Reach out to us for a free assessment of your website and how we can modify YOUR website to reach the best potential hires!